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"Zazarie provides a suite of MuleSoft consulting services that can be tightly tailored for your requirements and budget. We only employee certified consultants, and we use an internal support network to ensure customer success."

Anypoint Platform

Setup and Enablement

New to MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform? We can assist you in setting up and maximizing your investment in the platform. This includes creating a Center for Enablement (C4E), which is an organization construct that allows different lines of business the flexibility to craft unique solutions specific to their needs. Zazarie can also provide both remote and onsite training for nearly every aspect of the platform, including API Designer, Anypoint Studio and Cloudhub. You'll be surprised how quickly your internal team will become MuleSoft rockstars!

Prices start at $135 an hour


Design and Integration Patterns

API Enablement is all the buzz, but it's not always a one-size fits all approach. Many organizations use MuleSoft as the fabric bridging applications as diverse as Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday, Concur and other enterprise applications. In many cases, the most appropriate design pattern is an event-based solution, where activity in one platform triggers an action in another. Further, by using messaging middleware such as Amazon MQ, Kafka or Rabbit MQ. Such a solution is more highly resilient and requires fewer precious vcore resources. We can help you design these solutions leveraging our decades of experience in integration best practices.

Prices start at $175 an hour


Staff Augmentation

Understaffed on a new project, or unexpected staff departures or leaves? We have a network of available developers who can bridge staff shortages. They range from junior developers to highly seasoned architects who still enjoy hands-on work. We can provide part-time resources, or longer-term augmentation. All of developers have at least one MuleSoft certification, and many have multiple.  They range in skills from API design; Studio development; DevOps and CI/CD; and, MUnit testing.

Prices start at $110 an hour


Continuous Integration & Delivery

No less important than MuleSoft development, today's modern organizations must quickly deliver integration projects with disciplined and highly efficient processes. Zazarie has a wealth of experience in how to perform such functions within the MuleSoft environment. This nearly always includes Git, Gitflow and delivery tools such as CircleCi or Jenkins. We have ready-to-templates to get you up-and-running quickly.

Prices start at $150 an hour

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